Going for growth

damson tree


Last season (2014) was a great year for fruit and many trees near me were heavily laden. I was lucky to have access to some of this bounty and particularly pleased to get my hands on one of my favourite fruits, wild damsons. The customers seemed pleased too – the damson cheese sold out super-fast!

Wild damsons are a rare treat. They have a wonderful intense flavour and make a glossy, almost black fruit cheese which looks stunning on a cheeseboard. However the fruit is small and I knew that, even if I was lucky enough to get them again, they would certainly not go very far. So, while I am looking for some more north London damson trees, wild or otherwise, I thought I’d take the future into my own hands in a small way; the little beauty in the picture is a young tree of the cultivated damson variety ‘Farleigh’ which we have just planted. It will be at least a couple of years before it produces any fruit but I am delighted none-the-less. I am looking forward to nurturing this little tree and watching it grow.

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