Garden Open Day

The last couple of weeks precious little has been going on in the kitchen but plenty in the garden, the reason being that I was preparing to open the garden to the public for an afternoon under the National Gardens Scheme.

The National Gardens Scheme is a simple idea: gardens that are usually private open to the public for a small entrance fee with all funds raised going to a range of caring and nursing charities.  Often people (as we did) also sell teas and plants. The scheme has steadily grown into a huge fundraising enterprise with now £2.5million raised and given away every year. Last year two local friends and I took part for the first time, opening as a group, and this year two of us did so again.

Well, the day dawned neither bright nor clear but in anticipation we had erected not one but three gazebos and advertised that there would be somewhere dry to sit at least. Watching the weather forecasts had been a nerve-wracking experience as we knew that poor weather could easily reduce our turnout down to little more than our most loyal friends. In the event the rain held off and we were delighted to get nearly 120 visitors – just a fraction under last year’s total.


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