The Food Rush

Where social media is concerned I freely admit that I am not one of life’s early adopters. When I first heard about Twitter I wondered why on earth anyone would want to be part of an unending stream of sound-bite consciousness and was in no doubt I would not be joining the flow. Anyway, when I launched Fruit Magpie I was persuaded that I really had  to get an account – so essential for business, blah de blah. That was a year ago. Now of course I use it all the time and have connected with so many interesting people and organisations that I might never come across otherwise that I can’t imagine doing without it.

It was through Twitter that I started learning more about other businesses with a food waste reduction ethos – in fact I was delighted to find how much of a live issue this was with many brilliant innovative businesses, charities and social enterprises all putting their shoulder to the wheel. This was how I came across The Food Rush: “a future of food magazine focusing on the intersection of food, technology, innovation and sustainability” and how they came to write this lovely article about me.


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