The fruit magpie

I’ve learnt a LOT of things since I first tried my hand at fruit cheese a year and a half ago. How to get a proper set. How to handle the different fruits. How not to burn it! Actually, how not to do pretty much everything that I must have got wrong at least once. Probably several times. I’m a slow learner.

And what did I learn this week? That naming your business is the hardest thing yet. After months of thinking about it and a super-intense week trying every possible combination of words and driving my friends crazy with endless suggestions, over lunch with some friends today the magpie, collector of good things, finally hatched.

Feeling pleased with ourselves we left for a walk over Tottenham Marshes. One of the first things we saw along the path heading north past the old cafe were two of the black and white beauties, calling raucously to one another. Some things were just meant to be.

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